Acoustic/Steel Strings Guitars

These guitars are Gibson replicas. L-00 Model, 1920 and Epiphone Texan FT-79. 

Traditionally crafted. The structure of these guitars is close to identical. The plantilla and inside bars remain the same. Yet the guitars’ upper bout has a small variation to help control one of the soundboards’ vibration modes.

One special highlight about these guitars is related to a historical fact. Previous to World War II these models were produced by Luthiers in smaller and larger studios. After WWII, these guitar sizes’ were slightly modified for cost-saving purposes.

In my studio, we focus on maintaining the traditional size of the guitar.


  • “Master Grade” Wood
  • Sitka Spruce 35 years of aging
  • Cedar Wood about 10 years of aging
  • Size 650mm
  • Scale 25” o 24” 3/4
  • Fingerboard Ebony Wood
  • Soundboard Sitka Spruce / Red Cedar
  • Back and sides Palosanto from Madagascar or India
  • Varnished with shellac
  • Schaller Tuners
  • Hiscox Pro II Case included

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